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    Chatting on the Internet
    PCFL Chat Rooms

    ChatterBox: General chat room for all ages.

    TeenTalk: Dedicated to teenagers and Gen-X'ers.

    SportView: For sports fans of all flavors.

    CyberChat: Adult (18+) hangout. Must be over 18.

    Chat Help?
    Online chatting is one of the Internets most popular activities. Thousands of chat rooms of every nature host over 1 million chatters daily. You to communicate with friends and family anywhere in the world for free. The only requirements are that you have Internet access, and the person you wish to talk to uses the same chat client.

    Various Chat Clients: Chat clients or protocols come in several different flavors. Until recently, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was the way to go. IRC requires a third party piece of software and has lost popularity to newer technologies like Java and Instant Messaging.

    Java chat such as our own PCFL rooms allow you to chat directly through your browser. These are simple to use and require no other software. The latest craze, particularly for one-on-one chatting, are the Instant Messengers. These are becoming very smart and permit you to communicate with Online users such as AOL'ers. ICQ is another client that has incredible popularity. It takes chat one step further with a suite of useful utilities. However, ICQ does take a very heavy stain on your PC.

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