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    Sports - General

    Quite a complete resource for the sports fan, offering everything from chat and forums to games and trivia. 

    Amateur Sports Net
    Post your own amateur sports schedules, results and news. 

    Athlete Daily
    Brought to you by the Sports Celebrity Network, Athlete Daily dishes up in-depth coverage of the world's top athletes -- on and of the field. Find news, trivia, interviews, clips, bites and tips, or search the archive. 

    Get real-time audio sports updates for more than 500 professional and college teams in all major sports. Sports
    Are you lonely for your hometown team? Tune in to hundreds of sports contests from around the country -- professional, collegiate and high school -- or turn to a coach's post-game program. Also find links to most of the teams.

    CBS SportsLine
    Compendium sports info covers just about every athlete competing in any sport, pro and college teams plus individual and fantasy sports. Head straight for feature articles and news. Or grab scores, team pages, superstar bios, the almanac or columns. 

    There's no one better to turn to than Sports Illustrated for quality writing and photos, and CNN offers strong daily reporting. Audio and video feeds, fantasy leagues and special sections complete an incredibly well-rounded joint effort.

    A comprehensive resource with scores, stats, news, a searchable index, exclusive editorials and much more. 

    ESPN SportsZone
    The definitive name in sports TV has taken its mantle to the Web. Emphasizes ball sports (baseball, basketball, football and soccer) and hockey and has the mainstream American sporting world down cold. Some coverage requires a subscription to view.

    FOX Sports
    Aims quality sports coverage and well-crafted, up-to-date columns at a young, hip demographic. However, the real treats here are the trivia quizzes, fan polls and a feature that shows just how far sports-crazed individuals will go. 

    Great Sports Quotes
    Browse through quotes from many of the greatest athletes and coaches of all time. 

    Interactive Internet Sports
    Jump into the sports trivia section and tackle obscure questions about baseball, football and general sports. Or pick games of the week and read and respond to the in-house columnist's rants. 

    MegaSports is a meta index of anything and everything related to sports on the Net. Browse links categorized by sport or submit your own URL for inclusion in the directory. 

    MSNBC Sports
    Vies with ESPN for the online sports crown. Offers smartly designed packages covering major events, such as the NBA finals, and a stream of opinions from informed columnists. Unlike ESPN, every option found on the site is free of charge. 

    Nando Sports Server
    Nando doesn't try to be another online sports page, instead it emphasizes a beyond-the-box score look at all the major sports. It's a welcome supplement to the routine game coverage found elsewhere. 

    Nando Times Sports
    Frequently updated news items can be found at this online magazine. 

    NBC Sports
    From the NFL to the Masters Tournament, if it's on NBC, it's also at The network usually farms out big stories to associates, such as or MSNBC, which makes for good reading. Take a look at NBC personalities and see what's on TV. 

    Only Sports
    Don't just visit this site, interact with it. Take part in the trivia quizzes, fantasy sports, world pool and much more. 

    Real Fans Sports Network
    Sports news, chat and message boards for major professional and college sports. 


    Sporting Life
    London's Sporting Life covers the British sports scene, including soccer, rugby and cricket as well as boxing, golf, tennis and both horse and Formula 1 racing. Betting folks will want to take a peek at the spreads. 

    Sporting News, The
    Online version of the print magazine publishes news of pro and college sports, with top commentary, stats, schedules and chat rooms, often haunted by the experts. Enter the fantasy zone, listen to a game on live audio and rummage through the archives. 

    Sports Only
    Focusing on football and basketball, this college sports site offers recruiting databases, chats, forums, news and more. 

    Sports Place 2B, The
    Explore an extensive, categorized index of sports-related Web sites organized by sport. The index includes professional and recreational sports, as well as the Olympics. 

    Centralized coverage and stats for major and minor sports are bolstered by features sporting WAV files. Live chat covers every topic under the sporting sun, and contests and pools offer fun and games. 

    SportsFan Online
    Not very pretty, perhaps, but still has a lot of sports coverage to offer. Publishes feature stories, chat rooms and a Las Vegas sports book. The writing is solid, if workmanlike. A link to SportsFan radio is a compelling reason to turn here.

    Total College Sports Network
    For the latest news on college sports, check out the articles posted here. 

    Total Sports
    Get the latest updates, scores and stats from every pro sport, delivered in real time. 

    Trans World Sport
    A weekly sports news zine, based on the television show. The reports are truly international, not just covering U.S. sports, as do most large athletic sites. Check out news from Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Japan, India and Belgium, among other countries. 

    TSN: Canada's Sports Source
    Canada's biggest sports site provides coverage of Canadian teams as well as news updates on all sports. Download sports software and games for free or tune in to a number of online radio shows. Offers quality interaction, no matter where you live. 

    USA Today Sports
    Pulls most articles directly from the Associated Press wire; however, it has a bevy of good columnists and the Baseball Weekly. Pages are clear, with TV schedules, team indexes and league digests. 

    World Sport Center
    A thorough, daily look at international leagues, tournaments and events on everything athletic, from aeronautics to wushu. 

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